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      Changsha, the coating co., LTDWas established2003Years,Is a new chemical technology co., LTD,Collection of scientific research、Production、Sales for the integration of private high-tech enterprises。Company cooperate with many international chemical companies,Developed a number of domestic high-quality products。Over the years the company adhere to“The quality for this、The service is supreme”,Adhering to the“The good faith、Pragmatic、Innovation、Development”The core of the business philosophy,Committed to human nature、Standard management mechanism and sound、Focus on the development of the model,With great concentration to pursue based on hunan,Radiation in China,With the world enterprise development goals,Create a high starting point、Highly efficient、High benefit of brand development。

      Changsha, the coating co., LTDRaw materials mainly adopts Europe、The United States、South Korea and other countries high quality chemical raw materials,Products have been in Europe and the relevant performance and safety tests。Company management system has passedISO9001:2008、ISO14001、OHSAS18001、C080000The international system certification,Company's products through the green environmental protection agency ROHSAndSVHCCertification。

      Changsha, the coating co., LTDSand multi-color products involving water bag、Granite liquid paint、Natural really stone paint、Elastic really stone paint、Inside wall emulsioni paint、Exterior wall latex paint、Granite pieces of paint、Art fence painted、Fluorocarbon lacquer、Texture blowing sand paint、Emboss lacquer、Metallic paint、Epoxy floor paint、Elastomeric gigging paint、Oily exterior wall paint、Water-based metal antirust paint、Ceramic tile interface agent、Ceramic tile back glue, etc。Product has won“Chinese green environmental protection product”、“Chinese engineering construction recommend products”、“China famous brand”Such as the honorary title。Quality changes life--The paint to add color to your new home,Build a better life!


The phone:  13574824399  13272090925


The service hotline:400 6561 168

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