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Anpingxian ze yu wire mesh products co., LTD is located in“Chinese silk screen of the township”--Hebei anpingxian。Is committed to the manufacturer of steel grating。The company after years of development,Gathered many excellent talents,With experienced management personnel;Have a skilled personnel of cost accounting;The production of steel grating、Hot dip galvanized steel plate、Steel grille plate、Splicing steel plate、Serrated steel grating、Step plate、Ditch cover plate、Stainless steel case board、Composite steel grating、Tree pool cover, etc are with large CNC machine control of high voltage resistance welding machine manufacture。Manipulator automatically twisted square steel placed horizontally on the uniform arrangement of flat steel,Through the powerful welding power1600KVAAnd fluid pressure1000KNThe twisted steel extrusion into the flat,To get a solid solder joint,High stability and strength of high quality steel plate。Our factory can also provide users with layout design,Better meet the special requirements of users of products。Also equipped with steel case board installation folder,To meet customer demand。

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  • High quality raw materials

    Steel plate production experience for many years

    Has its own factory,Guarantee for the original factory quality products!

  • For many years production experience

    Quality assurance,High cost performance

    Our many years of production experience,Bring you high quality products and services,Let you use the rest assured!

  • Professional technical team

    The inventory is enough,Shipped directly by the manufacturer

    Some products perennial carry large spot,Let you buy the rest assured,With comfort!

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