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Jiande sandu professional cooperatives located in xin an river and river on the west safflower----Sanjiang seven places set sail in on both sides,The registered capital180Ten thousand yuan。We specialized in on the west safflower(Saffron)The breeding、Organic cultivation、Processing、Marketing、Technical advisory services,Has a long history,Is known as“The Chinese on the west safflower(Saffron)Of the township”,It is one of the country's first professional cooperatives on the west safflower,With the country's largest planting base on the west safflower、The only on the west safflower﹝Saffron﹞Research institute。Our club have2180Growers,Shareholders568A,The planting area4000Mu,The demonstration base of high quality authentic medicinal materials in zhejiang province2000m、Xinjiang、Base in Tibet600m,Drive around the country6888Households,Annual output of high quality on the west safflower/Saffron3000Many kilograms。We perform filaments minimum protective price policy,All the year round to provide various levels on the west safflower(Saffron)And the ball,And follow-up technical services,Bring rotarians and new farmers income of nearly one hundred million yuan。

We are2011Years4Month18On behalf of the Chinese farmers' professional co-operatives in Indonesia、International farmer cooperative organization forum in Jakarta,Has been named the national first batch of specialized farmer cooperatives、Model professional cooperatives in zhejiang province、Excellent cooperatives in zhejiang province、Top ten farmers' professional cooperatives in zhejiang province supply and marketing system、Hangzhou city agricultural leading enterprises。Cooperative2003The annual registration“The root hair”On the west safflower(Saffron)The trademark。“The root hair”Brand trademark has been rated as China well-known trademark、Hangzhou famous brand product、Zhejiang province famous brand products、Zhejiang province famous trademark、Won the zhejiang agriculture expo gold medal,And has been the United States、Japan、France、Canada、Malaysia、Singapore thirty three kingdoms such as trademarks...