Products and services

Service advantages

A full of youthful spirit、High quality young、Professional team,Vigorous development for the company to provide a steady stream of energy and power。Has a group of specialized is engaged in software development for a long time、Custom software professionals more than 20 people,Has the abundant technical development strong technology development strength。Establish a set of perfect、Mature management and development process,Ensure to provide high quality services and products to our customers。

Service concept

Take the customer as the center,To serve as a base,To provide customers with high quality、High efficiency、High satisfaction of all-round service。Attentively service to customers,Take customer satisfaction as the starting point,Content,Exceed customer's expectations,To create higher value added products,Create a better benefit for the enterprise。

Services to customers

Henan north sea of information science and technology co., LTD2001Years in zhengzhou,In recent years has been to the world500Strong enterprises(Such as:Coca-Cola、The bank of China、China Unico、China Mobil、China Teleco)、Government agencies at the provincial level(Such as:Provincial high court、Provincial women's federation)、The municipal government agencies(Zhengzhou high-tech zone、Zhengzhou pku、Jiaozuo the people's court,Hebi city people's court、Xinzheng the people's court)、Local brands(Such as:Tencent's large network、Zhengzhou subway、High-speed central plains of China、The slave of zhengzhou、Xu dragon buick、Housing in the new century、Jincheng real estate、The sedan)Clients such as all-round fine service

Enterprise information

How brand in the online communications

The Internet is more close to the enterprises and consumers,The controllable helpful for the production of the enterprise。However,The Internet also makes the brand communication is becoming more uncertain,And this has become a huge challenge for the traditional enterprise。Relative to the online brand,Traditional enterprise needs a new cognitive online to learn how to how to build a online brand on the Internet。

UIIn the design3CElements:Color,Contrast and content

Will beUIColour in the interface,Contrast and content together3CElements and not just because of their words are beginning lettersC,But they are inUIIn the design of both the enough outstanding position,With unparalleled importance。

UIDesign:The selection of the color scheme,Better is to use brunet department,Or light color is appropriate?

Our daily life is always faced with endless choices,A lot of challenges。So is a design decision,A correct decision influenced by many different factors,Experience,Knowledge,Based on facts,And other people's advice, and so on。In progressUIWhen the design,The selection of the color scheme is needed by reasonable decision to judge,Is to use a dark color is better,Or color light color fastens to appropriate?

WeChat marketing:What you don't know15Marketing play

WeChat has become an indispensable part of life,2017Years WeChat users have reached9Hundred million,Where someone is, the value of marketing,Many enterprises begin to explore WeChat marketing model。From the current WeChat function wellAPIOpen interface,WeChat marketing already have mature mode,The author found by the case study after a long time15The kind of game。

WeChat public number,Mainly analyzes what aspects of the data?

Operating the public usually for data analysis,But the background data copy and paste,To write out that everyone can see the data,It doesn't make sense,It is important to the information hidden in the data,Thus effective guidance to operation。

How to find reason for decline in traffic all of a sudden

Website is the key work drainage,No one website operation at the back of the job,So we focus on its website traffic every day。We usually give statistical code site installation,Then collect web users to access data every day。But many times we will encounter this kind of situation,Is a fall in website traffic abnormal situation,But most of the time when we met traffic anomalies,Especially the novice,Will be out,Don't know why,Also don't know where to begin,Let alone put forward effective solutions。

Website design specification——What to do,What not to do

Web design is a very complicated thing,Because when the design should consider a lot of things。In order to simplify the web design in this matter,This paper enumerates the every web designer should consider the code of conduct,Including can do,Can't do anything。Rest assured,These rules are very simple principle。

You need a companyAPP、网站还是想二者兼得?

Throughout the year“StartUp”Podcast episode broadcast recently,Gimlet MediaTeam members on whether to develop native applications for their web site this problem are discussed。Given the surging number of mobile application user and now almost every company in the development of new technology,This conversation is very timely。But this conversation is not only in order to decide whether or not to cater to the trend of The Times。